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Why You Should Not Cut Corners by Using a Do-It-Yourself Will Kit

Do-it-yourself will kits that you see online or in-office supply stores might be tempting. You want the peace of mind of making your final wishes official, and they appear affordable. Will kits, however, only have a limited capacity to meet estate planning needs. Courts also have trouble accepting or interpreting the legal language within some of these fill-in-the-blanks documents. For these reasons, we recommend seeking guidance from lawyers in Prince George, BC when writing a will. If you cut corners with a DIY will kit, then your plans might not become reality. Your heirs could experience stress and unexpected legal expenses as well. Here are some common reasons that DIY will kits fail in their purpose.

Risk of Misunderstanding Legal Language

Lack of familiarity with legal language and estate planning terms could lead to mistakes. If you misunderstand a question or section on the will kit, then you could introduce errors into the final document. Here at Dick Byl Law, our lawyers in Prince George apply their knowledge to help people make informed choices about critical estate matters.

Missing Pieces
Although a DIY will kit might succeed in producing an acceptable document, you still won’t have everything necessary to address certain situations. Many people benefit from executing vital documents like a power of attorney or representation agreement. These documents assign a trusted agent of your choosing to handle personal, financial and health care decisions if you become permanently or temporarily incapacitated. Law firms in Prince George guide people through the process of setting the terms for transferring this authority in case of severe disease or injury.

Inadequate Scope
DIY will kits by their nature can only meet the most basic of needs. You might have complex issues to sort through when deciding how to divide your assets among your spouse, children, stepchildren, or charities. Aside from the concerns that come up for blended families, a DIY will kit will fall short if you own multiple properties within Canada or other countries.
A lawyer in Prince George from Dick Byl Law could recommend approaches to complex estates that limit estate taxes, protect young heirs, or reduce the chance of people challenging your final wishes. In addition to working as a personal injury lawyer in Prince George, Dick Byl has helped people create customized estate plans. Contact us today for a legal evaluation of your estate goals.