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Winter Preparedness in Prince George

Semi driving in winter

Winter is in full swing throughout the Pacific Northwest and Prince George, with cold temperatures expected for the next several weeks. Snow, ice, and rain can cause safety concerns for motorists, making it essential to prepare your vehicle ahead of time. Here are a few winter safety tips that may lower the risk of an accident or injury this winter.

1. Give Your Vehicle a Checkup

Preparing your vehicle for winter weather is essential when it comes to preventing an accident. Follow this checklist when inspecting your vehicle:

  • Inspect the tires: Treads should be deep enough to give you traction while driving on ice. You can check the thread by using a gauge or even a Toonie with the top facing down. If the tread is less than 2/32 – or if you can spot Queen Elizabeth’s crown – your tires should be replaced.

  • Replace windshield wipers: Wipers that were designed for summer use can crack or break during cold temperatures. Winter wipers are easy to install yourself.

  • Check your brakes: Ensure your vehicle’s brakes will perform correctly on icy roads. Screeching or grinding sounds may indicate that your brake pads are worn.

  • Charge your battery: Batteries must be fully charged to start during cold weather.

  • Refill necessary fluids: Windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, braking fluid, and antifreeze should be topped off for winter driving. Oil should be checked as well – if you haven’t had a recent oil change, now’s the time to book an appointment.

2. Assemble a Winter Emergency Kit

Having emergency supplies on hand can make a tremendous difference if you find yourself in an accident or stranded due to vehicle problems. Your kit should include enough food and water for all passengers, blankets, and first-aid materials such as antiseptic solution and gauze. Include jumper cables and flares for emergency lighting.

3. Check In With a Friend

If you’re planning to head out into winter weather, be sure to tell a friend or family member where you’re headed and when you plan to arrive. Once you’ve arrived at your final destination, call or text your loved ones to let them know you’ve arrived safely.

Even after taking all necessary safety precautions, accidents can still happen as a result of winter weather. If you’ve been injured or have experienced damage to your property, consult with the personal injury experts at Dick Byl Law Corporation. We’re dedicated to helping clients receive the benefits they deserve.


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