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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer serving Prince George and Northern BC

When it comes to personal injury cases, having crucial legal information at hand can save you potential liabilities. It can even help resolve challenges that come with claim settlements and court proceedings. In fact, quality personal legal injury services are key to achieving successful judgments and financial compensation. This is where our legal counsel proves to be beneficial in Prince George, British Columbia. At Dick Byl Law Corporation, we help you properly claim reimbursement on your medical bills and property damage and ensure that you are paid in a timely fashion upon the settlement of your claims. If you are going to negotiate a settlement, file an insurance claim, or sign a release, our personal injury lawyers can help you avoid mistakes and surprises.

Legal Guidance

Trust Us for Effective Legal Guidance for Your Personal Injury Matters

When there has been an accident - whether it is a boating accident, a slip and fall, an accident involving snowmobiles or quads or even an assault - the question is not whether or not there is a viable lawsuit, there usually is. The question is, does the person who caused the accident have insurance. If they do, and if it is not a WorkSafeBC matter, there may be a claim that can be pursued and litigated.

Affordable Personal Injury Services

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury lawyer


A Personal injury Lawyer:

  • Understands what your claim may be worth.

  • Will help you build a case.

  • Will help you claim the compensation you deserve.

  • Will be able to navigate through complex legal matters.

  • Will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf

Vehicle accident

Common Types of non-motor vehicle accident injuries:

·         Slip & Fall Accidents

·         Boating Accidents                         

·         ATV/Quad Accidents

·         Dirt Bike Accidents

·         Bicycle Accidents

·         Bus Accidents

·         Defective Product Injuries

·         Dog & other animal bites

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Personal Injury Services Customized for You

Your life changes forever after a serious personal injury. Our lawyers can help you overcome the obstacles you may face now and in the future. At Dick Byl Law Corporation, we have a history of handling all kinds of accidents. We do not restrict our practice to just motor vehicle litigation. We are a personal injury law firm and handle many non-car accident personal injury cases. If you have been injured because of the carelessness of someone else, and that other person is insured, you may have a claim. We will provide an initial free-of-charge interview to determine whether or not, for all practical purposes, such a claim exists. If we take it one, we do so on a contingency fee basis, which means we charge a percentage of what we collect. We do not ask for money upfront from our clients, and we do not send interim bills. We provide strategic legal advice in all areas of personal injury law. 


Get in touch with us if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Prince George.

Injured Due to an Accident?

Get fair compensation for your personal injury with our legal counsel.

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