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5 Apps That Will Make You a Safer Driver

Woman driving a car

Distracted driving can lead to accidents and injuries that may cause you to search for lawyers in Prince George BC. Every year, more than 78 British Columbians die each year due to distracted driving. If you’re tempted to use your phone when driving, try these five apps recommended by our lawyer in Prince George the next time you hit the road.

1) The Ride App

Our lawyers in Prince George BC believe that you should never drive impaired – and The Ride App makes finding a designated driver simple. Known as Canada’s Get-Me-There app, Ride App helps you see and book nearby taxis and other transportation options. The app is connected to more than 500 fleets and licensed drivers in Canada and is available on Android and iOS.

2) TrueMotion Family

Law firms in Prince George often see cases dealing with aggressive driving, speeding, or texting while driving. Geared toward families, TrueMotion gives users a full picture of their family’s driving safety and is available on Android and iOS. You’ll see how each family member drove and whether he or she arrived at a destination safely. Parents will also be able to see whether their teen was driving safely or using a phone while behind the wheel.


Another app recommended by our personal injury lawyer in Prince George is, which prevents distracted driving before it occurs. The ICBC reports that drivers are more than five times more likely to crash while looking at their phones, which often makes the services of lawyers in Prince George necessary. reads text messages and emails aloud, keeping you focused on the road. The app is available on Android and Blackberry.

4) LifeSaver App

Available for both iPhone and Android, LifeSaver App has options for both drivers and fleets. Its driver portal blocks phone use while on the road and tracks your driving habits over time. You’ll also be able to see if a family member or fleet driver is driving or whether he or she arrived safely. With LifeSaver, you can develop safe driving habits that may prevent you from requiring lawyers in Prince George.


This easy-to-use Android app has an intuitive interface and streamlined design. Drivemode consolidates your directions, music, and messages in one place so that you do not have to view multiple screens while driving. Cutting down on screen time potentially lowers the risk of crashes and lawsuits from law firms in Prince George.

Even when using safe driving apps, accidents can still happen — and you may require representation from a personal injury lawyer in Prince George. Contact Dick Byl, an experienced lawyer in Prince George, if you’ve been injured or lost wages as the result of an accident.


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