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Common ATV Injuries and Tips for Avoiding Accidents

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While ATVs are fun to ride, they’re also responsible for a large number of emergency room visits. Injuries can be caused by reckless driving, speeding and inexperienced riders taking the wheel. Sometimes, it’s just plain bad luck. Off-road paths can be bumpy, uneven and strewn with potential hazards such as rocks and trees. This is why even responsible, competent riders can have accidents.


In this article, we list some of the most common injuries resulting from ATV accidents and provide safety tips for avoiding getting hurt.


Common ATV injuries

When a rider is thrown off or pinned under an ATV, he may suffer one of the following types of injuries:


  • Fractures. If the rider falls off the ATV, bones may break. Pelvic, wrist and leg fractures are especially common.

  • Head injuries. A common injury after an ATV fall is a concussion. Concussions range in severity and in some cases can result in permanent damage. Moreover, a rider without a helmet can suffer a serious or fatal head wound from a fall.

  • Spinal injuries. When an ATV flips or rolls over and the rider gets caught underneath, he can end up with a spinal injury. Spinal injuries are usually severe and sometimes life threatening.

  • Internal injuries. Rollovers can also cause internal injuries. ATVs weigh up to 600 pounds and can crush the rider if he or she gets pinned.


Safety advice

To avoid being injured on an ATV, take the following precautions:


  • Always wear safety gear. This includes a helmet, goggles, gloves and proper boots.

  • Don’t double up. Never take a passenger on a single-seat ATV or more than one passenger on a two-seat ATV.

  • Don’t drive on paved roads. ATVs weren’t designed for pavement. If you need to cross a road, do so safely and at a permitted spot.

  • Stay on designated or familiar trails. You don’t know what obstacles you could encounter on unexplored paths. Stick to designated trails and paths you know well.

  • Become a better rider. ATV training courses are available throughout Canada and can help you become a safe and competent ATV rider.


Have you been hurt in an ATV accident in B.C.?

If you get injured in an ATV accident and someone else is at fault, whether fully or partially, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover lost income, pay medical expenses and receive compensation for pain and suffering. The first step in such circumstances is to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer.


Trust the experienced team at Dick Byl Law Corporation for skilled legal representation in Prince George. Contact us for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.


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