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Four Tips for Safe Summer Driving

Couples driving during the summer

For those who love to get behind the wheel, traffic-free summer roads can be a dream to drive on. But summer months can also bring their share of problems. Here are four tips that will help you . drive safely through the summer.

Keep Your Tires Fully Inflated

Hot roads can be rough on tires, which is why you need to be especially sure that your tires are fully inflated in the summertime. Contact with extremely hot surfaces increases the chance that your tires will blow out on you. If you keep them filled, though, that risk can be considerably mitigated.

Avoid Travel Late at Night on Major Holidays

Drunk driving is incredibly common on long weekends throughout the summer. If you want to stay safe, try not to drive late at night in heavily populated areas on these weekends. Areas with several bars are especially risky, so try to plan your routes to avoid them.

Adjust Your Speed When it Rains

Many motorists are unaware of the fact that rain can be just as big of a road hazard as snow or ice. When it rains (at any time of year), your car achieves less traction with the ground, making it more difficult to quickly come to a stop or control your turns. In some cases, this loss of traction can lead to severe hydroplaning and bad accidents. If it starts to rain while you’re driving, be sure to reduce your speed to a safe and comfortable level until it clears up. Reducing speed in the rain also has the added benefit of improving your visibility, which is also a major safety concern in rainstorms.

Always Carry Bottled Water

Just as you should carry blankets to prepare for wintertime car breakdowns, carrying bottled water in the summer is essential. Should you get stuck on the side of the road, especially in a rural area, you’ll need to be able to stay hydrated until someone arrives to help you get your car back on the road. Keeping a few bottles of water stashed in your trunk is a simple way to make sure you’ll have what you need to stay physically safe if you do end up with car troubles.

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