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Spring Driving Tips

Car driving during spring

The days are starting to get longer and the weather is becoming fairer. And while hitting the road is easier now than in the winter months, drivers still require some care behind the wheel unless they want to consult a personal injury lawyer in Prince George. Here are some tips for driving in the springtime.

Check tire pressure.

  • The harsher weather of winter can deflate your tires. Make sure they have sufficient air in them come spring. While you’re at it, give your vehicle a spring tune-up to ensure that harsh winter weather hasn’t adversely affected your car. Check brakes, wiper blades and fluid levels, or ask for spring tune-up specials at your local auto garage.

Watch out for kids.

  • Because the weather is better, kids will start playing on the street more, especially in the late afternoon around rush hour. Be aware that they’re there and that their movements can be unpredictable.

Use winter tires on the highways until April 30, 2019.

  • This is part of BC tire regulations, as explained by lawyers in Prince George BC. Your tires must also remain in good condition and contain a minimum tread depth of 3.5 millimetres.

Watch for animals.

  • Many animals come out of hibernation at this time of year, and many of them may be active at sunrise and sundown. Look out for them, especially when driving near areas with plenty of foliage. If you happen to hit a large animal that damages your car, consult a law firm in Prince George such as ours.

Know how sand affects your stopping distance.

  • When snow and ice cover the roads in the winter, laying down sand increases tire traction. However, in the spring, snow and ice melts but the sand remains, which can create slippery conditions. That sand requires more braking distance. Start your braking sooner and more gently when you notice sand on the roads.

Beware of potholes.

  • The severe weather of winter creates wear and tear on the road, which eventually breeds potholes. Drive more slowly when you notice them or you may experience sudden and unpleasant jolts as your tires run over them unexpectedly. If your vehicle is damaged after it encounters a pothole on city streets, you may be able to obtain a claim for property damage or personal injury. Consult a lawyer in Prince George for more information.

Look out for construction.

  • Workers on the road may be starting their work to repair the problems caused by winter. Drive more slowly when you see them and expect road closures.


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